Elk River Falls

Elk River Falls near Banner Elk, NC Elk River Falls
3867 Elk River Road
Elk Park, NC 28622

Just a short drive from Banner Elk is one of the most impressive waterfalls in the NC mountains.

Elk River Falls, also known as Big Falls, features large volumes of water dropping 50 feet over a rock cliff into a picturesque oval pool.

The trail to the falls is an easy-to-follow trail, but there are ample rocks and roots along the way. It is about a third of a mile to get to the falls (0.6 miles roundtrip).

The falls can be viewed from an area near the top of the falls (never venture too close at this vantage point) or it can be viewed by hiking down the trail to a large rock beside a pool at the bottom of the falls.

Visitors are warned not to swim in the pool because the large volume of water creates an undertow current that pulls everything to the bottom of the pool.

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